Web Information

The disadvantages are normally a little more taken to develop than those of content managers, it will require of the programmer I create who it to be able to modify it. Development with predesigned groups: they are vestibules that already estan elaborated by some person, and is only necessary to modify its content. The advantages that like those of content managers they are fast to use and its design already this elaborated. The disadvantages by another part are of limited growth since they are difficult to modify in his structure. * These types of pages Web are classified as well in Dynamic Statics and. The static pages are those that show their information without movement.

The dynamic pages are those that show to their information with movement such as videos, animations and with works of multimedia. Then which type of page Web I select? It goes to depend much on the requirements that occupy to show in their vestibule Web, if you have much flow of information and it is not so important that somebody can have the installed design then the ideal is one of type of content manager (CMS). If it only wishes to raise to moderate information of his product or service of a fast way and does not occupy to make modifications to the then structure uses the pages with predesigned groups. If to you you concern the exclusive feature to him of the appearance of its page and I to it love to his then taste I recommend the pages custom-made to him. I hope that this information is to him of much utility at the time of choosing their page Web, without a doubt now can already have its own business in Internet. If it wishes to have Internet pages does not doubt in contacting to us we advised, it GRATUITOUS way and without commitment. Thanks for its time that has an excellent day.