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While playing, children learn to cope with difficulties, so play him, never boring. Games inspire and added self-confidence; Playing, child learns to communicate with other people. During the game the children are quarreling, but also learn to accept, to compromise, to create new rules, which are appreciated by all participants in the game. Reincarnated from one role to another child studies to assess the situation on the part; The game develops motor skills and other abilities of the child. Today's children are moving very little, so the motor skills they have poorly developed. A mother often seek the help of speech therapists because of an incorrect pronunciation.

But these two things are interrelated. Three main questions 1. Not so all you do is wrong! – Shouted angry mother when the son is the fifth time destroys them as built the tower. Should adults interfere with children's games? The organization of the game must be approached very cautiously – because there is a risk not only to cross the border it is permissible to intervene too much and reduce, if not altogether destroy creativity child. On the other hand, children imitate adults, so good to play together. However, parents should not dominate, but to be a caretaker. The ability to play the child is given at birth, but only by playing free child can unleash all their imagination. Therefore, best game – an unexpected, spontaneous.

If the child does not ask for help, do not climb, because without obstacles, the game can quickly become bored your daze. Absolutely unnecessary and are your offers the child what to do. After all, boredom is also a cause of creativity. Bored kid again examine its environment and objects, and ask himself if at himself: "What I do today?". On the other hand, very often the question of the child – "What do I do?" hides the request, "Let's accomplish anything with anything!". In this case, the child can be offered to "play" together in home care: Prepare pastry, vacuumed carpets or wipe the floor with a wet cloth. The child will be very interesting. Playing this way, the child acquires new ideas for their next games. 2. How many hours a day to play a kid? The more – the better. Spend experiment in a normal working day, check as many hours your child spends at preschool game. If at least 5-6 hours, it's not bad. Although, ideally, should be 7-8 hours. 3. Which situation is more favorable for gaming? For creative play needs space, time, little toys and the attention of adults. For creative play we need money. But this is not crosswords and designers, but simply universal toys made from natural materials. It may be chestnuts, stones, dead leaves and other gifts of nature. After all, kids love toys made in our hands: her mother sewed a doll carved horse dad, nanny embroidered bear. It should also not forget about the screen, necessary for the child to escape from the world of parents and immerse themselves in a world of toys. It should also not forget about the child's safety. Adults must be approached intelligently to the games children play and do not interfere. Article provided by an online store "World Toys"