Emotional Intelligence

For want of a suitable motivation, there is little disposition in the employees in charge to put to operates the change. Emotional Intelligence is the key concept in all the process of change. This concept according to the experts is ” the capacity to recognize our feelings and those of other people, to motivate same and to handle our emotions suitably to us. In other words, it is to interpret suitably the feelings and expectations of the people and to capitalize focusing them them towards the profit of the objectives of these and the company. But as it is explained Intelligence Moves? Basically to travz of the leaders, who are the ones in charge to settle down and to handle the formal and informal relations in the company.

A study made in 35 companies, found that those where there is strategic planning and use empirical schemes to establish them tasks, fail in a 58% of the cases. In the organizations who consulted with their colleagues the strategic priorities of the plan, this it was managed to implement in 96% of the cases. Only the leaders who they apply this new concept suitably have the capacity to influence a change of attitude in the people. And it is that Emotional Intelligence part of the fact of being considered a nonrational answer to a certain stimulus. ” Our thoughts significantly are influenced emotionally by the oldest parts of our brain and not by the thinking part. Against any stimulus, the first reaction of a person is first to feel and later to think. In order to develop of a suitable way the subject of Emotional Intelligence, it is the necessary EU the leaders count on the requirements adapted of maturity, objectivity and identity that are required.

In order to know that so preparation is a leader to induce a change, it is necessary that this he is able to autoevaluar itself objectively, to include/understand with depth as they are his strengths, needs and motivations, to have confidence, to be good natured and to identify how to his they affect it feelings. Once the strengths have been defined and weaknesses, the leader must work in the handling of his feelings and emotions. He is indispensable that manages to control his impulses emotional-read rabietas or explosion of feelings – to choose themselves with well-taken care of the words that will use to go to the others, to avoid premature juicos, to construct to an atmosphere of confidence and fairness. After obtaining this space of ” autocontrol” , it must understand social dynamics; surroundings and operation of the company, the different points of view that exist against the positions, and to face the conflict abiertamente. The control of variable external interns and will allow a leader to operate the changes that the organization requires.