The only thing that was unclear: how it works. Now everything is clear – the upgrades are made to to literally eat all of your savings with great speed. Resist the temptation to tie to the arms of some fancy sight, put the tricky stabilizer to increase the magazine capacity or even alter the barrel under a different type of ammunition is almost impossible. You can also increase resistance to some types of armor to increase exposure or as portable as possible weight in it. Any trip to the mechanic immediately turns into the wind in their pockets. Mechanics, by the way, specialize in different kinds of weapons or armor, that is, you can upgrade them all, but it turns better one, but something – someone else. As a result, even the faint of AK-47 can make a very formidable weapon, and fully ottyuningovanny "Vintar" generally turns into a death machine.

Evolution We have already written that "Stalker" is much nicer and easier to use, and are now ready to confirm said. At first glance, GSC did not do anything special: tightened some beautiful effects, brought up the number of polygons in the models, but finished the light texture painted pochetche. Engine "Stalker" does not seem to works miracles, but whole picture here, varied, full of details. Aroused much criticism in general and PDA Zone map in particular. She was uncomfortable and not very informative. GSC clear distinction between the narrative and additional tasks have mapped all the key points and dwell in them, a group of beings.