Innovative E-learning Platform

The E-learning specialists of soluzione knowledge GmbH integrate their learning technology into the program interface of Office 2007 and set new standards for computer-based software training. In the future, soluzione customers over the surfaces of Word & co. have direct access to a multi-functional, comprehensive learning platform. So the user supports the user exactly there, where help is most needed: when the daily software usage in the workplace. “” In the development team of soluzione knowledge GmbH is called simply the add-in”: If on the surfaces of the program from Office 2007 in addition to the well-known register view” in addition, the register of learning world “can be seen. The user opens this register with a click, he finds many input fields and buttons for direct access to the soluzione learning world. The E-learning platform from the House of soluzione alone on the subject of Office 2007 offers over 750 interactive multimedia learning units and 3,000 pages of training material in German and English.

And thus the learners in this Material wealth quickly is to the desired information, provided him intelligent search and filter functions. Who seeks such a command, although he can describe its specific name he does not know but, which help the problem-oriented search. And who want to find itself already known features on the new surface, with whom he has worked in previous versions of Office, simply uses the interactive migration service. This Learning-On-demand, as the Lernpsychologen of soluzione call it, offers a distinct advantage of over traditional classroom training and classical E-learning. Because the most and important questions about the Programmmbedienung not come up in a training course that is isolated from the day-to-day, but in the daily use of the new software.

And right there in the collegial environment to wonder through tutorials to start or get are quick, concise and reliable answers asked without lengthy searches in the Internet to make time consuming to roll manuals, vague on a past two weeks on-site training to remember. Learning and working to the same process of merge with the innovative add-in technology. So didactic optimum conditions are created for a fast learning success is reflected not only in a motivating learning culture, but preserves also the purse strings of the company. Because the sooner every single employee reached productivity levels, is promising a company by the purchase of new software, the more a training measure in the literal sense pays off.