According to the results of an independent examination proved the quality and safety of fireworks offered by ‘Anitron’. According to the study was not observed any violations safety of storage and sale of pyrotechnic products. It is known that most of today’s public and private celebrations held in the company of solemn salute. But scary to imagine what effects might occur due to improper storage and use of fireworks are used. In the recent increase in fires and other emergencies caused by the use substandard, defective or simply worn-out fireworks. Most often culprits of accidents and disasters are unscrupulous companies selling fireworks, which are breaking the rules transport, storage and quality control of the goods. It is therefore not deprived of prudence wholesale and retail buyers prefer to choose a store, higher prices for products which can guarantee its security. However, the limited city budget of small and medium-sized communities often can not choose a reputable supplier, and because of this, the authorities often have to risk the safety of the urban holidays.

In this regard, several independent experts in the field of fire safety were conducted an independent investigation. Its object was one of the wholesale shops, dealing with the implementation of fireworks low prices – the company ‘Anitron’. Has been tested and found surprisingly cautious attitude of the state of production. Of the 10 000 tests performed were found no violations. According to management, Each product passes strict quality control. Such an approach is worthy of respect, because, as a rule, the current Russian conditions are characterized by such a high level of entrepreneurial responsibility. Thus, offering quality products at low prices shop ‘Anitron’ found worthy to become a wholesale supplier of fireworks for various companies, as well as for state and municipal needs.