Most Ossetians Football

For the republic with just over 700-thousand population of 70,000 athletes and athletes – a considerable figure. coaches – piece goods Most Ossetians like freestyle wrestling (it deals with more than 8,5 thousand people) and football (almost eight thousand). Very popular basketball, volleyball, judo, taekwondo, Greco-Roman wrestling, karate, track and weightlifting, arm wrestling, weightlifting, wushu and gymnastics. With the advent of the first in Vladikavkaz in North Caucasus ice arena here began to develop figure skating. However, on the whole country until only one coach.

Gathered in Tbilisi to invite qualified, but the August war in South Ossetia and the subsequent rupture of diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia broke those plans. Today, talking about development opportunities in the country has one of the winter Olympic sport – short-track. To this end, Ministry of Sports is looking for a specialist in China, where the Olympic short-track is very developed. Another young sport in North Ossetia began rowing slalom. A couple of years ago here and had no idea that in the vicinity of Vladikavkaz – perfect conditions for the development of this sport. Functionaries from Moscow were pleasantly surprised to see a bypass channel Terek, where you can hold competitions at the highest level. In the end, was held in Vladikavkaz, Russian championship in slalom.

And one of the first water trail tested Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who heads rowing federation of the country. In the past two years, in North Ossetia has passed several major international competitions and nationwide level – World Cup of freestyle wrestling, international and Russian tournaments fencing, equestrian triathlon, the primacy of Russia and the Russian Cup on weightlifting championship of Russia's Greco-Roman wrestling. On the way the youth of the country in judo championship to be held in early May. football – in Summit in mid-1990's Vladikavkaz Alania was on top of Russian football – became the national champion and twice won silver medals on several occasions been involved in European competition. The first president North Ossetia Galazov decided that football – the best cure for problems at the time. And he was right. Home matches Alania traditionally gathered 35000th audience, and during the games law enforcement agencies do not were no crimes. The next North Ossetian President Alexander , though was not as a fan of football, but made an effort to save the team in the Premiership. Tens of thousands of football fans – a reliable constituency. In 2005, investigators found in the statutes of "Alania" substantial violations and start the liquidation of the club. Football in North Ossetia, was on the verge of extinction. But here interfered with the republic's leadership. The head of North Ossetia, Teimuraz Mamsurov pledged to return the team to the elite of domestic football. Winter Alania acquired renowned coach Valeri Petrakov and several skilled players. Today, Vladikavkaz team is considered one of the favorites of the first division. Today, in North Ossetia, with a large hunting take up all that is connected with the sport, money and especially not spared. Local authorities understand that this is a win-win investment for the future. Yes, and the social factor is expensive. For Ossetians sport has become the opportunity of self-realization. For North Ossetia – a business card.