Munster City Centre

THE left NRW against Dolphinariums – animal rights activists favor left already in the last year had the animal welfare organization Wal and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) \”based in the Westphalian Hagen all political parties in Munster written to and asked to give an opinion regarding the housing conditions of the dolphins in the Allwetterzoo.\” After another hundredfold E-Mail action by animal rights activists from all over Germany to the Munster city councils was only the emotions. \”Zoo Director Eagle fobbing off after convening a meeting of operating however and the WDSF with its demands for the dolphins called little efficiency\”. Meanwhile, the dolphin protection organisation however has made lots of media attention in the city. Information events were followed by the unanswered letter to the officials of the Zoo in August last year directly in front of the main entrance of the Zoo, the World animal day in October in the Munster City Centre, and in July of this year before the peace Hall on the principal market. Also informed before the Duisburg Zoo the WDSF about the cruel Dolphin attitude.

The whale and dolphin protection forum at its demands after the closure of the Dolphinarium due to the unacceptable conditions for the sea mammals also by animal rights of organization ProWal from Radolfzell, Cologne and migaloo animal welfare initiative \”from Hamburg supported. The dolphin protection received from the former TV trainer of flipper\”celebrity support, Richard O’barry from the United States. \”Who has just a thrilling eco-thriller a la Ocean eleven\” in the cinema of the United States and direct title collected more than 10 awards: the Bay THE COVE. O’barry documented in the movie shocker publicized the cruel and bloody Dolphin fishing in Japan and calls for the closure of Dolphinariums around the world, making first lucrative the carnage in the Japanese coastal areas due to the demand for dolphins.