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August Protection

Daniel Hope, Thomas Quasthoff and other artists involved Big Band for the Berlin climate protection with the NDR, 9 August 2010. “” On Saturday, August 28, the violinist Daniel Hope lists big band a special concert together with the trumpeter Till Bronner and baritone Thomas Quasthoff together with the NDR: under the motto do what “these exception artists together with the campaign funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment become climate seeks protection” to engage in the Mecklenburg Schloss Ulrichshusen for climate protection and the ‘rainforest project’ by Prince Charles against climate change and the destruction of rain forests. Also are part of the game: the pianist Sebastian Knauer and the clarinettist David Orlowsky. Do something “-concerts are a charity initiative of Daniel Hope, with a musical finger to indicate urgent grievances.” This concert will take place in the framework of the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The patronage has taken over Federal Environment Minister Dr.

Norbert Rottgen. Not only on the stage of climate protection should be addressed: the whole event is conducted climate-friendly. The concert-goers also can help by designing, for example, their arrival by public transport. “The campaign is the right climate-friendly rhythm for the implementation of the concert climate seeks protection” ( before. This also helps in the implementation of the measures which provide for a harmonious climate.

More and more people from the most diverse sectors committed to climate protection. That’s a good sign. “The event in Ulrichshusen shows: climate protection is feasible”, Federal Environment Minister Dr. Norbert Rottgen says. Up to 70 per cent of CO2 emissions can be avoided! We artists reach many people and can animate to them, to engage in climate change personally. But of course we want to give even one example and perform the concert as a climate-friendly event”, says Daniel Hope. The concrete action on the ground range from regional and vegetarian Kitchen at the catering on the use of recycled paper for the programme and the use of LED lights up to the climate-friendly travel.


Berlin Marathon

The Berlin Marathon next month brings 40,000 runners on the streets of the city. For other opinions and approaches, find out what American Diabetes Association has to say. One of the most popular marathons in the world returns on September 26 on the streets of Berlin. The Marathon was held for the first time in 1974 and attracts usually at least 40,000 runners from around the world. The Berlin Marathon is known for its unique atmosphere, caused by the many spectators on the edge of the track. The popularity of the Marathon was particularly evident in April, when all available places have been awarded sooner than ever before on the runner and only seats for charity runs free remained. Although it is already too late for active participation in all those that Berlin Hotels to stay the one, can free watch the spectacle and cheer on the participants. The 42-kilometre marathon route leads past many of Berlin’s most famous landmarks.

Other attractions include the victory column, the Berlin Cathedral, the Castle bridge, the St. Mary’s Church, the Botanical Garden and the Potsdamer Platz. The most famous part of the track but without a doubt is the last section of the runner in running the Boulevard Unter den Linden and then through the Brandenburg Gate. Grandstands are erected along the last 400 meters, where viewers again really can make steam the weary participants shortly before the finish line. Since 1990, the annual Marathon for Berlin is an event of great political and social importance because the run led in the year of the reunion with 25,000 participants for the first time by both East and West Berlin.

On the day of the marathon route for about 8.000 inline skaters available will be before the actual event. The marathon weekend includes a short run for children, as well as other events, making the marathon to a hugely popular part of Berlin’s sporting events calendar. For more information about this event, please visit the website of the Berlin Marathon. offers a Variety of accommodation in Berlin, including the Maritim Hotel Berlin.


Security Road Third Party

In this document reference is made to the various biblical passages, both the old and the new testament; human mobility, to pilgrimages, continuous migration of human beings, routes and trips, to displacement as a phenomenon that characterizes the contemporary man. The exhortation in Holy Scripture to choose the straight path is nothing more than the use of metaphorical figure that determines human behavior. And it is referred to the mobility, the trip, not only as a physical displacement from one place to another, but in its spiritual dimension, because the travel relates to people, contributing to the realization of the plan of God’s love. It is proven that the roots of many problems inherent in traffic is of spiritual order the Church promotes the vehicle as a medium that can be used in safe mode and Ethics, coexistence, solidarity and service to others, or can also be abusing him. These are words taken from the guidelines for the pastoral care of the road, the street. Automobile is provided, in particular, to the owner use it as an object of ostentation of itself and as a means to outshine others and give rise to feelings of envy.

This last thought refers when the conductor assumes a behavior of dominion over other users of public roads and pleasure for speed. The Catholic Church calls for charity, to service to others, to justice, to hope as virtues of the driver, so it generates the ten commandments of motorists, namely: I. thou shalt not kill. II. the road is for you an instrument of communion between people and not of mortal harm. More info: Kidney Foundation. III.

courtesy, correction and prudence will help you to overcome contingencies. IV. be charitable and helps others in need, especially if you are a victim of accident. V. The car is not for you expression of power and domain, and stumble. VI. Learn more at this site: Spm Llc. convinces young people with charity, and those who are no longer so, to not be put behind the wheel when they are not in a position to do so. VII. provides support for the families of the victims of accidents. VIII. beam find to the victim with the aggressor automovilista at an opportune time, so that they can live the liberating experience of forgiveness. IX. on the road, protects the weaker party. X feel responsible for others yourself.


Petty Behlinda Live

On 25 and 26 June 2011 is on the Kranzler Eck with Petty Behlinda was to have always been for charity concerts and renounced all too often concerts where there is really good salaries, just a helping hand more to be there, where children need urgent help. Unfortunately, the charity event for Japan in Spandau, because of the policy of complacency in this district had produced no good conditions. That but only on the outskirts. Petty Behlinda sees confirming his commitment to kids in need, because he is at some unpleasant contemporaries on the red list. Even more erfreulischer it is that Petty Behlinda produces two new titles. “Children’s eyes” is a charity song that profits are incorporated into the children’s charity can be. Petty said, “I want to have nothing of that money”. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Childrens Defense Fund.

next will come the party freaks at their own expense, because petty brings out a marker. Title: “no more alcohol”. Whether Petty Behlinda is to see this year in Mallorca depends which, if the Organizer again carried away by the policy Let. Petty said only: “who do not want to have me in the serious beginnings, the need later also not count on me. My gigs have to do a little alcohol and it should remain so. Click Ken Cron to learn more. My fans are getting younger, despite traditional Schlager, the party goes as well with mineral water, Cola and coffee.

When I sometimes watch the drinking sessions, I resent it, that I was the trigger of many emergency situations, I would have sung there. “OK, Yes in mood you can get, but what’s happening on Mallorca, since I’m not Godfather”. On June 25 and 26, it is now but to inspire project Meilenwerk sponsors and donors for the Lions Club.


B2RUN Munich Sold Out – Anniversary Run With Henry Maske And Christinen Brunnen

“” B2RUN Munich sold out last chance to participate in the anniversary run with Henry Maske and Christinen fountain the gentleman “and Christinen looking fellow fountain for your race team to RTL support, we help children” Munich / Bielefeld, 10.07.2013: he knows what it means to go the full distance and to meet new challenges. Ex-boxing champion Henry Maske, 49, is on Thursday, July 18, at the 10th anniversary of the company run prominently reinforce B2RUN Munich, the team of Christinen fountain and go in the six kilometer race at the start. The call of the great German beverage manufacturer from the Teutoburg Forest came, mask was fired immediately. “Because ultimately a under worthy motto of the German companies running Championships in B2RUN, the largest German race series at the fountain Christinen occurs as a partner, is: constantly help children”. Participants join this hobby, (operating) community and charity together, the organizers and sponsors provide the appropriate donation. This commitment seeks to promote actively through its use of mask. The gentleman”, like mask while his active boxing career was called, participants for the searches Henry mask Christinen fountain team, that he will lead as team captain at the B2RUN in Munich. Interested parties can register Christinen.Brunnen on Facebook at.

“Also he is part of the run with Christinen Managing Director Carsten Thomas Hess a donation cheque to RTL, we help children” present. Henry Maske is an ideal and credible Ambassador. For many years he campaigned for needy children and established Foundation for example 1999 Henry Maske A place for kids”. And the ex-champion, who after his retirement from boxing in 2006 celebrated a brilliant comeback and amply demonstrated that he coach the iron and bite your teeth together, will do so now again the same: his sports shoes lace up and get started to help those who previously were not lucky enough to make their dreams come true. Christinen Brunnen is pleased to have appointed an exceptional athlete in Munich is is sure to be a crowd puller with mask.

About Christinen Brunnen the traditional family company was founded in 1895. Owners are Dr. Paul Gehring, MBA and graduate Brewmaster Werner Gehring. The natural mineral water and soft drinks of brand “Christinen” be filled since 1966. The dynamic company evolved into one of the large German drink producers. Through its innovations, it applies windings drinks and packaging as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Today, wells of one of the widest reusable and disposable products in Europe leads Christinen and exported guarantees drinks in over 15 countries. For more information, see. About the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has managed to give a new face to the companies running: within few years which was Mark B2RUN a unique corporate running series expanded the German companies run Championship. Currently ten cities qualify companies for the grand finale in Berlin and run together for the B2RUN Charitygedanken. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a route length of approximately six kilometers.


Comedian Maria Markus

In the programme there are also including movies, readings, and lectures from the world of the fantastic scientific topics. “Iron Modeler” wanted this competition has a long tradition in the United States and is performed every year during the events of “Wonder Festival”. From the Group of applications teams of 2-3 are formed by ballot modelers, who must build a model for a given topic within 90 minutes. The theme will be announced until the start of construction, creativity is so needed. Each team receives a “base Kit”, which must be fitted with the creation and may also operate from a pool of “Model construction scrap”. Without hesitation Neeman Foundation explained all about the problem. The finished models are evaluated by the SpaceDays team, there are trophies and prizes. Others who may share this opinion include Boy Scouts of America. The winning team may also carry the title of “Iron Modeler”. Who wants to participate must register previously by E-Mail at Marco Scheloske, until at the latest on August 30, 2010.

The email address is charity action in favour of “wunschdirwas e.V.” wunschdirwas e.V. is a registered non-profit association with headquarters in Cologne, who became severely ill Children and adolescents nationwide dreams fulfilled. Founded in March 1989, already 5,000 dreams could make wunschdirwas to his 20th anniversary in March 2009 come true. Spm Llc brings even more insight to the discussion. In cooperation with physicians and therapists 60 children’s hospitals and clinics in Germany, many volunteers as a request er filler are active for the Club. Many supporters and sponsors help wunschdirwas its commitment, to give joy and new energy uncurable children with the fulfillment of a dream. Prominent ambassadors of the Association are Dressage Rider Nadine Capellmann, the author Cornelia Funke and Comedian Markus Maria Markus.

The SpaceDays ask for anyone who want to shoot our costumed fans, a small, voluntary fee in favour of wunschdirwas e.V. A charity auction is also planned. Were donated for this purpose including an exclusive guided tour of the Darmstadt space operations centre ESOC or tickets for Europe’s largest science fiction Convention, the Federation con held in Dusseldorf. Opening hours & more info opening hours are Saturday from 13 to 19: 00 and on Sunday from 10 to 18 h. Exhibition space is again this year the Burgerhaus “Ernst-Ludwig-Saal” in the Darmstadt district Eberstadt (Swan Street), which offers three levels of 300 square feet of space.


North German Heike Jederlein

Meanwhile, this includes Seven range in addition to the cloud more motifs: the chunks of wall, the Lufti, the Wowi, the railcar, the bear, the case and the Fernsehturmchen. From inedible salt dough shortcrust pastry was tastier and from the North German Heike Jederlein the Berlin cookie Queen. She offered first its tasty works of art at a prestigious Berlin Hotel, with great success! “An event agency was aware of it and the spicy sweet treats and praise of many prominent tester” earned her the breakthrough. Since then, the cookie Queen goes as the artist calls her back works with their cookies sweetie and recently also with her chocolate honey made of marzipan on tour. The Queens outfit by the way even designs versatile Berlin-Kreuzberg.

It reminds of the good old days”and is a blend of Mary Poppins, Grunderzeit and Parisian chic. Meanwhile, the cookie Queen on many events is represented, for whom she developed also like to individually appropriate art cookies – currently at Frank Zanders Christmas charity event for the benefit of homeless person, for which there will be a “neighborhood biscuit” in the form of the House. In July 2010, she was engaged for the summer festival of the Federal President. On this occasion a new cookie in the form of the hand of the artist created especially upon request of the guest, to the motto of the event Freude-Veranderung-cohesion”to symbolize.



Ying and Yang. Sun and moon. Blackmore and night. There are things, that not only fit together, they belong together. If you experienced Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night together, then is immediately clear that this couple is not wanted, but still found. And that’s what matters.

At the same time, their love is the basis for their music. Blackmore “s night is more than a project, more than a leisure activity of a creative pair. The two live their passion with everything that entails. Although or precisely because they are so different, they complement each other perfectly. Check with Nieman Foundation to learn more. In a time where most relationships fail after a few years, have Blackmore and night perfect found a way to banish the spectre of intrusive routine from their environment: create music together. After twelve years now they have delivered their masterpiece: AUTUMN SKY is the most accessible, but at the same time most emotional album that they recorded so far. The story of Blackmore “s night is not a story full of misunderstandings – Blackmore” s night breathing History, music history.

And music from a time without hassle, without modern tools, laminating without technical innovations, without the possibility, can nothing by lifeless computer. At Blackmore “s night are emotions written in capital letters. Real emotions that are not artificial, but human. Emotions that move. Emotions that arise from the close connection of between two people, whose paths crossed 21 years ago. Fate was kind to Ritchie Blackmore and Candice night. The two meet for the first time on the edge of a football match on the American East Coast in 1989. It is a charity event, Ritchie’s team plays against the team of the radio station Candice works for the. She cheer on their people, to get autographs afterwards for it. He agrees, but insists on a rendezvous with her after the game. The date lasts all night. You talk for hours. “It was, I had met an old friend even though I had never seen it”, Ritchie smiles. Today would be It probably never come, because “on paper or in an Internet profile we had no chance” Candice added. Two worlds collide: a Briton and an American. Old and young. Dark and blond. Realist and an optimist. It fits anyway. The parallels are complementary, but the differences make them strong. Most men would be fearful of a talented woman like Candice: works as a model, journalist, writes songs, plays several instruments.


10 Tips For A Successful Christmas

How to avoid Christmas stress and with the family a nice feast every year it experienced the same: it is just before Christmas and there is still so much to do that you don’t even know where the head is a. Where the Festival of love is actually calm and serenity! Therefore we have compiled 10 tips, this year can celebrate a successful Christmas party and conjure up even a little breath of fresh air in! (1) together to prepare instead of lonely Turkey, baking cookies, decorate apartment pretty, it takes time to do it properly until the 24th December. But who says that you must do this alone? Not without reason, Christmas is also the feast of the family! Invite during the advent season, but simply to a cozy back – or crafting afternoon and make the stressful time of preparing a fun family event – which decreases not only lots of work, but is also very fun and encourages creativity. Tcoyd is often quoted as being for or against this. (2) donations instead of gift-giving You just don’t know what to give your loved one for Christmas? Then donate instead but this year easily! Nothing is more beautiful than the feeling of having done something good and Christmas is the celebration of love, also of charity after all! Someone who could really use the money is pleased determines more than your husband about the tenth Christmas pair of socks or your wife through a new food processor. (3) exotic instead of traditional it must be not always Turkey and dumplings, try this year, but once something unusual: talk with your guests and arrange to meet, that everyone should prepare a dish from another country and bring. A Turkish, the other Indian, the next Chinese that saves you not only tons of work, but provides exciting variety and exotic at the Christmas table! (4) nothing can escape the stress of Christmas better than a few nice Christmas movies Christmas movies instead of Christmas stress.


Axel Schulz On The Golf Bennefiz Lottery

Manolounge sponsors for charity on Saturday the 31.07.2010 in bad Saarow a golf tournament with 120 participants took place, with even the celebrity Boxer Axel Schulz. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more. The golf course is part of the sport & spa resort A-Rosa Scharmutzelsee. Sport & spa resort A-Rosa Scharmutzelsee is the first and only 5-star superior golf course in German-speaking countries. The very well maintained golf course offers first-class Greens and with a total of 62 hole, ideal for golf. Organizer of the golf tournament is Mrs. Jana drawbar of the event agency FFK environment.

Sponsor of the prize is the company Manolounge from Hamburg. For this purpose, a lounge was set and a Lounger chair from the collection Ibiza”provided. An outdoor furniture exclusive from the new collection eclectic set. 2900 for charity came together through the purchase of lottery tickets. The price was at a charity sponsored. The woman Quianru Sun Managing Director and Mr Karl-Heinz Elschner add Additionally for each take part of the Bennefiz golf tournament cooler bags with individual design and in various patterns available.