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President Chavez Frias

For President Chavez Frias, this is nothing more than a prophecy of Bolivar, because USA has swept this continent, but those days are ending. The American Empire falls in this century. He commented, these struggles for a new world, for peace, dignity, come from afar, since ancient times, also figure in the Scriptures sagradas that the only way in which we live in peace is justice, an ancient and eternal truth on the other hand it should be noted, Cuba called to reverse the global media dictatorship and achieve a better balance in the information field to denounce that control of the media by part of a few is a strategic component in imperial domination plans promoted by the Government of United States add Felipe Perez Roque, which is an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, design strategies that allow the non-aligned successfully face the dangerous and unequal situation in the world information order affirmed also that the abyss between North and South in the productionaccess and flow the information is responsible for the unjust and anti-democratic international information order to which intends us submit. Perez Roque also suggested that the Internet be democratized and place under the discretion of an international entity, to safeguard its independence. We are continually bombarded by false allegations against our Governments. It is intended to justify discrimination and xenophobia, turns the victims into perpetrators, tags are placed.

The political manipulation of the information and the complicity of the media reach extreme levels. Venezuelan Minister of information, Andres Izarra, commended the role of the multi-state television station Telesur, and proposed creating a South Radio and a production network of content accessible to all countries of Latin America. He added, members of the movement of countries non-aligned (Nam) want to have own means of communication that give them the informational hegemony of the great powers that want a new International informational order and Venezuela proposes, in addition to the consolidation and expansion of Telesur, a southern radio and a network of content production that serves as a Bank of information accessible to these countries, to pluralize the flows of information, which we are pursuing is that they allow us to balance the information and democratize the presence of the countries of the South in global communicationVenezuela will submit a project for the creation of a network of production and a Bank of programming for the generation and exchange of content in the Nam Nations. The Conference will recognize also the experience of Telesur, multi-state Latin American television headquartered in Caracas, by their daily contribution to the construction of a new communication order, trying to balance global information flows, said the Venezuelan representative. Another of the issues to be considered will be the digital divide and information technologies. We will talk about how to bring the large majorities of our information technology countries and how to use internet as a factor of development, said the host Minister.


Government Agency

Interesting also for authorities: application management system to replace the paper application with many authorities electronic applicant management systems have entered yet no: so also at the Government Agency for the has carried out a preliminary study. It aimed to provide a comprehensive and reliable planning basis for the remainder of the forthcoming introduction of an electronic applicant management system. spot.Consulting has an analysis of the existing market for candidate management systems first carried out, to then carry out the reception and development of functional and non-functional requirements of the customer on the system. As well, special regulatory legal framework had to be observed due to the official status within the framework of the customer. To read more click here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . To meet the requirements of modern audiences, as a strategic analysis on the communication strategy through social media channels was performed in a strategy recommendation for the Authority flowed.

In addition to this core content creation includes also a methodical planning of the downstream project preparation, as well as the spot.forecast, which already allows a reliable time and cost planning based on the company’s own and unique project management method at a very early stage for a preliminary study by A customized study generated the special expertise with the experience of introductions of such systems for large companies with more than 100,000 employees and the unique methodology of here, prepared on the basis of which the customer is to replace its classical application system to implement sustainable successfully. Have we aroused your interest? Then simply contact us and ask for more information! For example, by email to:! Profile is a young consulting company that specializes in the management of complex IT projects and IT products. We offer consulting services along the entire operating Value chain and accompany our customers during the introduction, operation and the further development of their IT solutions. Particular emphasis of this are agile and classical IT project management, strategy and process consulting and technology – and innovation management.


Stromvermarkter INSA

Bio gas plant manufacturers WELTEC BIOPOWER from Vechta offers a new technology which facilitates participation in the balancing energy market for plant operators. INSA stands for intelligent switch and regulates the power feed-in power regardless of the electrical energy generated. Thus, biogas plants can take part significantly more economical than previously in the balancing energy market. The German power market is located in the change: changes in energy production and consumption require an increased need to control energy to provide grid stability. Decentralised power plants, such as biogas, score here, because they can easily reduce their power or turn up. This high degree of flexibility will be rewarded when participating in the balancing energy, by deriving additional revenue potential for plant operators. Still some uncertainties exist about this form of marketing and many questions to answer, for example of the type of control and the heat centers in down-regulated power supply. Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. As complex as the subject of control energy the mechanics of the INSA is so easy.

In the case of intervention of the operator uses the electricity generated by the CHP INSA and converts it into thermal energy. The resulting heat is fed by means of a heat exchanger in the existing heating network. The entire biogas plant remains unaffected in this process and is still self-sufficient, since the control unit of the power marketer in INSA is built. The demand for electricity in the network increases again, resting INSA and the original energy flow has been restored in a matter of seconds. The benefits are extensive: by INSA the CHP continue in the future even under full load, if the operator requires no electricity. As biogas plant operators can meet continuously and with full power their heat delivery obligations. Conversely, this also means ensuring an undisturbed fermentation process. Learn more about this with Chase Koch.

Also minimizes the wear on the CHP, because there is no constant on and off of the motor. Plant operators must now but don’t think that INSA the Most of the day in operation is. In the balancing energy, the intervention of the operator often take only a few minutes up to maximum of 1 hour, but for the system can be obtained several times on the day,”explains Jens Flerlage, specialist for direct marketing and control energy at WELTEC BIOPOWER. It is also important that the Stromvermarkter can be accessed through its control unit only on INSA and not on the biogas plant. The intervention be carried out automatically, smoothly and without costs for the operators. Due to the very short response time, INSA can easily operate all rule services demanded by the market. The innovative technology that has been certified by several environmental assessments, has compact dimensions, is maintenance – free and wear-free, and can be retrofitted without planning permission. WELTEC BIOPOWER estimated the payback period of investment on an average of two years and can deliver promptly the innovation.


Managing Director

Spot date at the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany with the German University of prevention and health management DHfPG has a nationally recognized, private college that focuses on Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health of the State of Saarland. End of 2013 is already over 4,400 students enrolled at the College. Currently, 3,000 companies and institutions to study at the DHfPG qualify their own specialists and executives, and that not only in the Saarland. Because nationwide study centres in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Osnabruck, Saarbrucken and Stuttgart) as well as international study centres in Austria and the Switzerland benefit from the practical study on the DHfPG also students from other States. Spot date at the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany the Committee for science, research and technology takes over important tasks for the Saarland Landtag.

Prior to this The members meet regularly to exchange technical and organisational background. On January 21, held such a meeting in the premises of the College/BSA-Akademie on the study and training centre in Saarbrucken, Germany. After the welcome by the Managing Director of the University / BSA Johannes Marx, a presentation to the University was on the agenda. Then, a tour of the Center and the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany took place. Here, the visitors had the opportunity to gain insight into the current curriculum at the University.

Then talks with the pro-rectors, professors and department heads instead of, as well as with the female officer and Director of the study secretariat Anna Farke and students representatives/students were. While the members of the Committee were done by the College and its rapid development has occurred since its accreditation in 2008. Learn more at this site: Chase Koch, Wichita KS. Practical study concept an important basis for the success of the DHfPG is the dual Bachelor’s degree system. This is a combined Distance learning that is supported by an online campus, with compact attendance phases and operational training. The students from the first study day in a company are under contract, in the context of the dual Bachelor’s degree. Thus they acquire important professional experience already during their studies. This form of study allows a direct transfer of knowledge from your studies into operational practice training companies. A total of five Bachelor’s degrees to choose from are at the University.


Extension Of Passports For Residents In Spain

If there are problems with both the residence of the actions there. The new passport is issued within 3-4 months, the extension has either 1 day or 2-3 months. By the phrase 'is the residence "refers to either a valid tarheta or salida, ie paper that you for 40 days to pick up tarhetu. Nuance first – this time This is particularly true for those who take the salida and tarhetu without a valid passport can not. And to wait 2-3 months before the passport will be extended, too, fails. How to speed up? To begin with, where does the time in 2-4 months. After applying for the visa department draws up an inquiry into VGIRFO (OVIR) at your place of last residence. Queries are stored and a pile somewhere once a month Pouch sent to the Foreign Ministry, where feldegerskoy mail sent to the regions.

That is physically requests in VGIRFO get at best two weeks later. Another two weeks for processing. Plus 2 weeks to 2 months for the return journey. If not enough time, ask to send your request by fax. Two weeks later, call the consulate and ask – 'send?'. Chances are that you forgot. But now may be sent. At the same time find your request number.

More every week a relative or friend with this number on hand comes in VGIRFO your area, and requests the Secretary-ready answer to fax or e-mail. Or give him a hand in a photocopy of the answer myself sends it by fax to the consulate. What is the best new passport or renewal of old? If time is not running out, then definitely a new passport. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger brings even more insight to the discussion. Consulate General in any case, you will induce a prolongation. Motivate your desire that you there were problems at the entrance to Ukraine – you do not look at your picture. What's wrong extension? Sometimes, the Spanish government bodies do not take it seriously and require confirmation from the consulate. And in any case – resulting in foreign passport – a document status. Net. No overdue years ago visas. And in case of loss or damage to swap it will have a much simpler, perhaps even without asking. Some of the important stuff when depositing its instrument must present a birth certificate. Not all of it captured from the motherland. You know – quite a notarized photocopy. Its much easier to send mail. If you have a contract for work, but it's over, if you please – This information does not grieve the consular officer. He was in the contract are important only your name and stamp, otherwise no one read carefully. Excessive honesty there can be penalized. If there is no contract, there where you work composing with the owner, a Spaniard by the type of paper contract. In this agreement, your employer indicates that you are doing and what he is paying you for the money. It is signed and include with this copy of your DNI. This is considered substitute for the contract. If the Spaniard is worried – then explain that the information is never, under any circumstances, be able to get to their tax authorities. It is technically impossible. This is just for show. If you do not individual tax code – that will bring reassure later. Nor for the request, or to process it really is not needed. Let the documents be accepted. And then later bring. Source: Forum Suitcase


Teaching Kids To Speak

Please note that the beads must alternate in sequence. So you can put a fence of colored sticks, etc. Adult responds quickly, throwing the ball to a child, calls the color of the child, returning the ball, must quickly name an object of that color. Nieman Foundation might disagree with that approach. You can call not only color, but any and quality (taste, shape) of an object. Exercises to develop flexibility of mind and vocabulary.

Encourage your child to name as many words indicating any term. – Name words for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruit. – Name words related to sports. – Name words for animals, pets, ground transportation, air transport. SPEAK THE OPPOSITE Encourage your child to play 'I'll say a word, but you also say, only in reverse, such as large – a little. " You can use the following pairs of words: happy – sad, fast – slow, empty – complete, intelligent – stupid, hard-working – lazy, strong – weak, heavy – light, funky – a brave, white – black, hard – soft, rough – smooth, etc. DO-NOT GET call any situation and throw the ball to a child.

The child must catch the ball if the situation is called, as if – no, you have to fight off the ball. Situation may be different to offer: Dad went to work, train flies through the sky, the cat wants to eat, the postman brought a letter, apple salt; house went for a walk, shoes, glass, etc. Exercises to develop speed of thought. Encourage your child to play this game: you start the word, and he – his finish.


Volkswagen – Your Favorite Model

In this article we will focus on specific models, car brands Volkswagen: Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf Plus and Volkswagen Passat. These "smart" and unpretentious to road and weather conditions in credible cars many car enthusiasts around the world. Attractive in all respects, the new Volkswagen Polo will provide security to the owner at the time of ride, thanks to the hard skeleton of a body, front and side airbags, advanced ABS, the system of exchange rate ESP stability and three height adjustable rear head restraints. Check with Sean Rad to learn more. Thus, fully concentrating on driving, you can be confident in the safety and security of their loved ones. New VW Polo gives its owner not only safety but also comfort at the expense of a comfortable and functional interior, ergonomically designed front panel and the spacious trunk. New Polo pleases the eye trendy and sporty design and looks more than courage, as bumper seems more due to the new elongated shape. But the most important in the design of the new Polo – this, of course, dual headlights with clear lenses.

Surprisingly modern design, low consumption, excellent dynamics and high reliability make the Volkswagen Polo ideal car for any driver. Plus the word in the title of a new modification of the new Golf Golf Plus says that this car though is Golf is an advanced, but also has absolutely new elements, hitherto not inherent in any previous model Golf. New Golf Plus is much more beautiful and more comfortable at the expense of their predecessors a wide range of adjustment of seats and steering, comfortable seats, well-designed front panel, which is now a factor of 2 larger vents, and air from each pair can be directed in different directions.


Moving Homes

Since ancient times, people moved from place to place. Some tribes in search of a better life led a nomadic life, thereby reshaping the history of many peoples. Throughout history, moving from appearing in the life of virtually any persons, regardless of rank or status. Let's try to understand why people tend to move? Perhaps this is due to social factors: for better living conditions. It is not excluded the effect economic factor, ie, for more favorable monetary relations prevailing in a given area, the city region. Some see this shift in their traditional way of life, begins with a zero, is trying to achieve independence … Viktor Mayer-Schönberger contributes greatly to this topic. Variants of the reasons can be endless, but here's the result they have one.

Moving gives people a new subjective possibilities. But to achieve this goal must overcome a number of mandatory procedures:-assembly, packing of personal property-search of the vehicle – Loading / unloading (which should ask friends and relatives) – etc. In the minds of the layman, these actions are seen consuming. In modern Russia there many removals firms, providing services in the spectrum from simple delivery truck to the complex work of packing, transporting and unpacking the contents of the home or office. In connection with this difficulty moving reduced to a call to the moving company. Agree that it is less time-consuming process.

Perhaps it will entail some additional funds. But if you look at it this way? In today's world everyone person can have a lot of problems. Each and every individual in the attempt to carry a heavy load of cases. In such a world can not stop. So the things that you can delegate, you just need to trust the professionals. In Otherwise, this often leads to wasted time and nerves. I want to note: I am not calling you to a unique choice among professionals and move on their own. Let me just give you a tip: Do not be discouraged by trivia … Sincerely, the company 'RGS-groups' Rostov-na-Donu


The Elevator

How often do you travel? If you have a car, wheelchair must fit in the trunk. To accommodate wheelchairs in the car it will necessarily have to add up. Think about whether it is convenient to add, and lay out the stroller for travel. Separately want to talk about the folding wheelchair-transformers. As described above, these strollers have a complete cradle-carrying. To add a carriage, a cradle of it will have to remove it. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger wanted to know more.

More parents just recently put a bassinet with the baby in the back seat of a car and drove folded stroller in the trunk. With the introduction of mandatory use of child car seats for transporting children cradle-carrying during a trip in the car is not needed. Therefore, the assessment is placed in the trunk of a wheelchair, consider the place and in a portable crib. 5. Estimate time of year you plan to use the wheelchair There are two important factors – insulation / ventilation strollers and wheel sizes. As a rule, expensive strollers have the opportunity of warming in winter and ventilation in summer. For example, in the summer you will be able to unfasten or remove a side warm one side wall of the carriage, then this place will be a window or wall of mosquito nets, breathable. 6.

Select the Wheel are: double or single, inflatable or not inflatable, floating or rigidly fixed; large or small. The large "lying" strollers with a hard rocker or transformers, the wheels are usually large and single. Weight wheelchairs are so large that the small wheels it is simply not survive. If the wheels are camera (inflatable), a cross stroller is the highest. This is especially important in overcoming the snow "porridge", lying on our roads during the winter. But keep in mind that the distance between the wheels of carriages is very large. At buying a stroller necessarily measure the openings and the elevator door! Incidentally, an inflatable wheel can be accidentally punctured.


Material Handling

Benefits of the MRT – compact to work in a constrained space, where it can not be applied tower crane. Series MRT may replace faucet, it is very just installed on the loader and it does not need a special permit. When you install a tower crane is required on almost all day, setting a tap on the MRT is just 20 minutes. All this is much easier to work and saves a significant amount of time. What else has changed in this series – operating lifting platform, it is now a greater power of machines has grown, height was 30 meters, with a horizontal radius of up to 25 meters from the base chassis truck, and the speed to 40 miles per hour while lifting stabilizers. In the market for telehandlers compared with other machines in the series MRT found more security systems. Cars MANITOU more reliability for the entire lifetime. Alignment system and a continuous through-rotation is present exclusively on all models MANITOU.

Loading diagram is much higher. More information is housed here: Chase Koch. And so we emphasized that the series does all MRT function of the lift truck and crane work. Using a bucket without teeth, Claw bucket, excavator mounted attachments other construction equipment can perform the full range of excavation work on the building facility. MANITRANSIT series TMT TMT Series 2520SR – three-wheeled loader used for loading or unloading of vehicles. Can be mounted on the truck or its trailer for transport to a place of work. This model also used as a forklift. Similar machines in the world market there, with 2003 series comes with a telescopic boom.

TMT model with good visibility from all sides, its dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of the truck that many important security feature. TMT has the lateral movement of the boom, this option is installed as standard. Center of gravity of the cargo – 135 mm. Manitou forklift trucks can pick up cargo only the edge of the board, and have to use additional forces to move the cargo to the edges with the bogie for subsequent withdrawal or unload on both sides. Using the loader MANITRANSIT avoids these additional operations and reduce to a minimum time of discharge. The cargo is not in contact with the carriage, it only needs to bend to pick up and pull the tray out of the wagon. Transportation MANITRANSIT TMT Series Installation requires an additional kit, which is mounted in back of the truck or trailer. Setup time takes just 50 seconds and loader is ready to transport to and from work. Transportation truck in the rear of the truck or trailer complies with all requirements of the rules transportation and traffic regulations. Suitable for installation almost all trucks and trailers with carrying capacity exceeding 10 tonnes, and some models are less capacity. Series S – Series stabilizers on R – with an arrow maximum movement of Series XT – works for a more powerful off-road Series 4W – with four-sided motion-Series TMT-wheel drive. In the model of TMT in a box set of differential pedal, which is used only in emergency, when pressed, the machine moves out of any difficult terrain. For security purposes, at high speed cornering speed is automatically reduced. It is necessary to overload the sensor which warns of meltdown. All hoses are protected, are in the frame. In the back of the truck mounted rear lights with indicator lamps, stop lamps, reversing signals and marker lamps, which are duplicated at transportation from the truck or trailer. Based on materials of CVH Material Handling (495) 925-51-19