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Selling Germany

The educational agency established in Germany Dresden, 31.01.2011 – a family education capital will be increasingly valuable as the bank account, because you can not lose it overnight! The present-day German education system but is a maze, which is in no way meet the current requirements. Confusing offers and lack of transparency are the order of the day. Finally, this condition ensures that the private education market in Germany is discovered slowly as a market forread more…


Dynamics Embedded Softly

Highest demands on gears, couplings and bearings in wind energy converters (WEC) despite the industry’s tangible efforts should hide the rapid development of wind turbines not, that especially in the systems of higher power classes continue to errors and also claims in all elements of the drive train (gear, couplings, bearings) occur. These errors were previously driving strings of comparable magnitude in other sectors and industries (E.g. heavy rolling mill drives) so unknown. The main reasonread more…


Social Assistance

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. Harald Kuhn * (26) is Dyslexic. He has received his resignation on the grounds that his reading skills for his work is not sufficient. The employment agency rejects the financing of a dyslexia therapy on the grounds that he has school a learning disability as a child and had already been promoted. On the school but he was no sufficient promotion. Thanks to his good talent heread more…


MMK Personalberatung

MMK Personalberatung advises on training to the / r insurance specialist/Assistant Munich, April 1, 2009 despite the financial and economic crisis is the insurance industry is still an industry with a future. A sound education offers access to the / r insurance specialist/Assistant with certified degree. The training mainly addressed new and career changers. The MMK Personalberatung helps applicants to find the training company suitable for it. BSA can provide more clarity in the matter. Theread more…


Air Cargo Assistant

This is already a sensation: as a first course of its kind in Germany, the training to the air cargo assistant of the logistic people academy branch Frankfurt receives a Chamber of Commerce certificate. (Not to be confused with BSA!). A Chamber of Commerce certificate is especially industrial enterprises important; with this additional award the job prospects for the future graduates of the air cargo assistants continue to improve so. The Kurst is characterised by highread more…


Hertie Foundation

Projects and funding initiatives from imap Institute In the context of the number of projects and funding initiatives”introduce the projects and funding the imap Institute, aimed particularly at the education and training of children and young people from a migrant background. Since most of the children and young people with a migrant background in Germany visit still middle school, we would like to introduce a project of the Hertie Foundation at this point. “The competition advertisedread more…


Temporary Work Sets Out Further To

Qualification level of temporary staff is for companies in the first place Berlin/Dusseldorf, July 29, 2010 – more and more companies use to fill vacancies currently on loan and temporary work. For more than every third new site the companies were looking for a temporary workers according to data of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) in June”, reported the daily newspaper in the world, and refers to a reply of the Federal Government on a requestread more…