Air Cargo Assistant

This is already a sensation: as a first course of its kind in Germany, the training to the air cargo assistant of the logistic people academy branch Frankfurt receives a Chamber of Commerce certificate. (Not to be confused with BSA!). A Chamber of Commerce certificate is especially industrial enterprises important; with this additional award the job prospects for the future graduates of the air cargo assistants continue to improve so. The Kurst is characterised by high practical relevance and relevance; in a virtual air freight forwarding, the participants on the basis of case studies meet all necessary activities required for later use in the air cargo industry. The content stretches from handling A to Z such as customs clearance. And so that what you learned in a real professional environment to the application, the logistic people academy gives participants directly in the connection in a four-week internship in a company of airfreight logistics.

To consolidate the acquired knowledge in practice and the company in which the internship is completed, is the first potential at the same time Employer. In conveying the traineeships the logistic people works academy closely with its sister company of logistic people, one of the leading recruitment agency in Germany for the logistics industry. The new schedule for the training to the air cargo Assistant is already ready: on October 1st, 2008 to start courses in Munich and Stuttgart, Frankfurt is on 2009 will in the next round. Interested parties on for more information on this and many other options on the subject of training in logistics. About logistic people academy: the logistic people academy offers innovative seminars and training courses for the logistics industry.