Savings Bank

This woman, too, remembers the war. She was then skinny little girl, just under no eighteen, when she and her classmates from morning till night had to work at state farm fields. After the war, in the 1948th, Galina found a job at the chemical plant, where it spent almost all his life. The fact that Galina became a member of the festive campaign, the staff of the bank notified her by mail by sending an invitation. Galina lives today for our children and grandchildren, helping them financially. Very pleased that they provided wonderful opportunity for putting the accumulated funds.

It should be noted that among the participants, of course, were people of different ages. In Savings Bank every year to keep their own savings becomes all profitable. If the earlier Savings in interest rates on deposits yielded various commercial banks, at the present time interest rates rose markedly. In addition, the bank’s employees offer a completely new, mutually beneficial solutions for both the bank and the client. For example, savings deposits for 3 years with prolongation. Their accumulation of a client can safely put on three years without worrying about how to periodically recheck the status of the account. By After three years, if, for various reasons, the client is not in the bank, employees will automatically extend the contribution of a further three years.

Or another interesting solution – a contribution to the three types of currencies. The bulk of customer deposits performs in the currency in which, in his opinion, make this the most profitable. If the situation in the financial market is changing in favor of other currencies, and the main contribution to the client staff transferred to the currency. In this case you can be absolutely sure that you do not lose a single cent. Savings Bank has actively supported charitable fund “Give Life”, organized by the famous film and stage actress Chulpan . By agreement of the customer, 0,3% of the deposit interest rate is transferred to the named charity. So keep in mind, keep your own savings in the Savings Bank, despite the various crises and not very comforting economic forecasts, to date, indeed, not only safe but also beneficial from every standpoint.