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Data protection for all processing of personal data is required prior to treatment information and consent. It must also be reported and obtain the consent of any affected when their data are to be disclosed to a third party. In the campaigns of sends to a friend, handle data of the recipient without having informed and their consent obtained. In addition, the sender’s name reveals himself to the recipient. Services of the information society for theread more…



Carlos Mora Vanegas Venezuelan management, especially responsible for the direction of SMEs, requires identifying more with productive role, making prevail in their environment that their assertive behavior generates in the human resources under their charge, a full identification with the responsibilities to be fulfilled towards established goals. To do so, should ensure a positive organizational climate, which partly can reach it if he knows how to handle properly which manifested the scope, impact of assertive behavior,read more…


The Dali Moustache

Salvador Dali is the most famous surrealist painter in the world. Smart, sharp and bright, was the artist for the artists. His mustache said much of himself: Dali was a genius of originality and authenticity. Also, it was very imaginative, and had much desire to show a behavior unusual and grandiose, in order to draw attention. Dali was born in Figueres (Catalonia) in 1904. In his adult life, he moved to Port Lligat with his wiferead more…