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KAGAMI Management Training Through Gulf

Opening the 1st KAGAMI Golf & Leadership Academy on 3rd/4th Nov Majorca Kagami was the first golf training in Europe, which successfully trained golfer without giving instructions for the technology of the golf swing. Due to the amazing successes already achieved thousands of golfers of all standards of the game with this method, this kind of learning is becoming increasingly important in the field of sport. Today, Kagami sets new standards with regard to the supportread more…


The Club

To try out in practice, helping at an early professional orientation. “Carolina Bohm: we bring together therefore, schools and businesses.”In the last year alone 20 cooperation agreements concluded with companies, which provide students with internships, operational days or even presentations on industry issues. An important element to set promising course for the professional journey of discovery, see the SPI consult GmbH in the cluster. This is based on the analysis of promising sectors of the economyread more…